Welcome to Gate in!

Gate in is a company specialized in guiding its clients in their international strategic and operational development.

Headquartered in Lyon, France, Gate in boosts and secures the international development of:

  • Foreign companies that want to develop their businesses in France, Belgium, and Italy.
  • French companies that want to develop their businesses abroad (we have a very solid and reliable network of approved correspondents in several countries).

Gate in in few words

Guide businesses through their strategic and operational efforts so that they can successfully achieve their international development.

Our goal is the development of your business in a secure and sustainable way in your targeted country.

Efficiency and effectiveness, reliability, commitment, conviviality, reactivity, strong work ethic and proactivity.

19 years of expertise in international business development.

Jean-François FEROT

Jean-François FEROT
Jean-François FEROTFounding partner

Jean-Francois Férot brings 19 years of experience in international development to the service of foreign businesses wishing to develop their activities in France, Belgium, and Italy.
He also advises French businesses who want to develop their activities in countries where Gate in has established partnerships.
Jean-Francois has lived for about 10 years abroad (in Italy and Belgium). He graduated from NEOMA Business School, and is fluent in French, Italian, and English.

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