Jean-Francois Férot brings 19 years of experience in international development to the service of foreign businesses wishing to develop their activities in France, Belgium, and Italy.

He also advises French businesses who want to develop their activities in countries where Gate in has established partnerships.

Jean-Francois has lived for about 10 years abroad (in Italy and Belgium).  He graduated from NEOMA Business School, and is fluent in French, Italian, and English.

His professional experiences, both varied and complementary, allow him to have a broad vision of international development.

First, he set up the Italian sales office of LCO-Protomoule, a French company specialized in rapid prototyping. He canvassed the design offices of the Italian industry (automotive, electronic appliances, etc.).

Then he moved to Belgium, where he developed his marketing skills as a product manager for the Belgian subsidiary of Orange Group (mobile phone operator).

Later, his different functions within Erai widely enriched his expertise:
First, as Project Manager for the Erai office in Italy, he helped French companies to find business partners and clients.
He then became head of the Italian branch, where he managed a team of ten people for five years. He helped numerous French companies to develop their businesses in the Italian market or to set up their sales offices.
Afterwards, he returned to the headquarters of Erai in France where he developed the network of Erai’s offices abroad. He oversaw and coordinated the opening of offices in fifteen countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Finally, he set up, in the company headquarters in Lyon, a division to support foreign companies wishing to expand their business or locate in France. He was also in charge of managing the French sales team.

Jean-Francois loves to travel and discover new cultures.  Fascinated by new technologies, he has implemented a complex CRM solution in 27 offices abroad and continuously keeps himself informed about new technologies.

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