Know your market

Before marketing your product and services to a new market, you have to be prepared.

Analyze and understand your market to introduce an adapted product/service and choose the best distribution channels.

  • Study of the size of your market, your competition, the existing prices, customs taxes, regulations, and the possible obstacles to the marketing of your goods and services…
  • Analyze the best distribution channels

Test the feasibility of your project with a representative sample of the different players in your market (customers, users, distributors, influencers, etc…).

  • Gate in introduces your offer to the players in your market
  • Gate in assesses their interest in your offer
  • Gate in collect as much information as possible about your market

Why work with us?

  • Together, we define what information you need
  • Gate in gathers documentary information
  • Gate in then seeks information in the field, directly with the players in your market
  • Gate in cross-references the information obtained
  • Gate in keeps you updated on the progress of its work