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Setting up your local presence

We support you during the entire process of creating your branch or subsidiary. 

Support of your business set up

We support you during the entire process of creating your branch or subsidiary (affiliate, local office, etc.). We put you in touch with our network of experts (attorneys, accountants, advertising agencies, banks, etc.). We accompany you through each step with these third-parties and any governmental agencies.

Support of your recruitment efforts

Based on the job description that we define with you, we identify and select the best candidates in order to introduce them to you during a session of face-to-face interviews.

Coaching and support of your local sales force

We define strategy and the objectives together, then we support your sales force in the local operations OR markets. We report on the results, difficulties, and improvement capacities of your sales team. We accelerate the process of setting up your local business.


We identify and get in touch with the CEOs or shareholders of businesses corresponding to your target. We select the best businesses and introduce you to the right companies.

Why choose Gate in?

  • We facilitate and accelerate every step of the process
  • We put you in touch with our networks OF…EXPLAIN
  • We provide you support so you can concentrate on your business development
  • We keep you updated on the progress of our efforts